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Protecting fun from God

July 29, 2011

John, Little D, and I just had a weekend vacation with my family. This was notable for a few reasons.

1) All of us get together just a few times a year.

2) We haven’t been on a multi-day family outing for an occasion other than one of us moving for, I believe, 11 years.

3) There are now 13 of us. Welcome to the world, baby niece!

We raced go-karts, ate Jaarsma bakery pastries, laughed at/with the kiddos, and had some great talks. It would be easy to spend a lot of time thinking about how we’ll miss our families. We can count down and think how this is the last time we’ll have supper all together for awhile, the last time we’ll have bbq together for awhile, the last time we’ll ______ for awhile. “Last time” thinking makes me feel horrible. It keeps me from enjoying the occasion for what it is, and it makes me add drama to everything. “This is the last time we’ll do a load of laundry together! How sentimental!”

The Stuff Christians Like blog recently posted about how we accidentally imagine that God is a jerk. (Stuff Christians Like is similar to, but has a more specific audience and is kinder than, the Stuff White People Like blog.)  The “god in my head” is mean, while the real God is more good than I can imagine. The writer says:

When I find myself in the middle of something good, my instinct is to wrap my arms around it and protect it from the god in my head, not thank him for it.

I do that with family get-togethers. It can feel like I’m sneaking this one by Him, because who knows when He’ll let us have another get-together. If He knew how much we really love our families and how special these times are, He’d probably not let us have many more. Because, you know, God’s a fun-hater.

Really, Lori? The Creator who invented the concept of families, who calls us His own children, who suffered the deepest sorrow as His Son was killed, doesn’t really want us to have fun with our families? He’s vindictive enough that he’d steal those times from us because we enjoy them?

He gently reminds me, His daughter, that all good things are from Him and that He tells me to love the people He’s given me. I think He’s glad I got to eat a caramel tart while cuddling my niece.

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  1. tammy permalink
    August 3, 2011 2:55 am

    So good…
    love you and miss you.
    thanks for the post.

  2. Joy permalink
    September 10, 2011 3:21 pm

    thanks Lori. this is good stuff. and thanks for the blog recommendation. i’m going to start following that one.

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