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John and Lori’s prayer update from North Carolina

August 6, 2011

We have learned that in 36 hours we can decide to go to a month-long missions training course, register for it, find daycare and an apartment at the training center, buy plane tickets from Iowa to North Carolina, pack, and get to the airport! We even got some sleep in there.

This missions training addresses spiritual vitality, Christ-like servanthood, and other areas that John and I want to focus on this fall. We found out about it last week but thought the schedule wouldn’t work. After talking with someone on Tuesday, we realized it would be very helpful and probably doable, so we cancelled a few plans and arrived in North Carolina on Thursday. Class sessions began yesterday and go all morning. Most afternoons, John and I will have alternating classes and can tag-team watching D, though we’ll both have class all day on Tuesdays.


  • Things fell into place very quickly for us to attend!
  • Our flights went well and D only threw tantrums once we arrived in NC. Our luggage even arrived with the flights, which is notable for me.
  • D mostly enjoyed his first-ever day of daycare. When I picked him up in the afternoon, he and the daycare worker were looking at a book and having a conversation of: “Da?” “That’s a giraffe.”  “Da?” “Giraffe.” “Da?” “Giraffe.”
  • There are lots of neat students and staff people here, and the sessions look very helpful.

Prayer requests:

  • That John and I would process the material well individually, as a couple, and with our discussion groups.
  • That we and our classmates will have good attitudes and won’t be distracted during classes.
  • That God will use this training to strengthen our relationships with Him, with each other, with other missionaries, and with whoever we meet–both here and in the future.

Thank you for praying!


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