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I ran to South Carolina this morning…and back!

August 13, 2011

Those of you who know that we have typically resided in the Midwest, except for our brief stint of “trying to become Texas citizens” during linguistics grad school in Dallas, might find this surprising.  But don’t worry, I didn’t run a couple thousand miles.  The South Carolina border is only about 4 miles away from where we’re staying in North Carolina.  We’re currently living at JAARS for a month of training.

Not only is this training good spiritual and mental preparation for the challenges we’ll face overseas, the heat and high humidity are helping me prepare for running in the Solomon Islands.  This morning when I started my run it was 100% humidity.  Even a “technical fabric” running shirt doesn’t help in those conditions!

D came along with me on this run and enjoyed himself.  But I think he enjoyed the post-run watermelon even more.

Once we let him out of the jog stroller, he took off on his own run.

Everyone needed watermelon after this run.

Want to trade pieces, daddy?

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  1. Jim Havenga permalink
    August 17, 2011 10:10 pm

    I hope I have a couple more months before D can do under 10 minute miles otherwise he won’t want to go with grandpa

    • September 8, 2011 4:59 pm

      Don’t worry, I think you’ve still got plenty of time. I think he’s really looking forward to running with Grandpa!

  2. September 17, 2011 8:05 pm

    We are looking forward to you guys joining the SITAG running team!

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