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D’s orange cast

September 23, 2011

Thanks to so many of you for your prayers and concern about Little D’s broken arm! On Monday D got a cast put on.  The nurses put us in the only exam room without doors.  He was very interested in a picture of flowers hanging in the hallway, so he was trying to escape the exam room before the doctor even showed up.

The doctor asked us what his favorite color is. They didn’t have yellow cast material, so we let him choose between red and orange. He chose orange, as we predicted. As one of our friends told us, now D doesn’t have to wear a vest if he goes deer hunting.

The rest of the office then had to hear him scream while they put the cast on. (Sorry, other patients and employees. It’ll make the other patients seem more compliant.) Although his arm bones are broken just above the wrist, they put the cast all the way up to his upper arm, between his elbow and shoulder. The doctor explained that kids D’s age can wriggle off a cast if it’s below the elbow and so doesn’t have the bend at the elbow, which is certainly believable given D’s wriggling skills.

Riding home after getting his cast put on

Although he was less than excited about the process, he seems to be coping well and has mostly regained his balance. He can use his casted arm for lifting toys and balls, climbing steps, hitting his high chair to hear the loud clunking noise, scratching paint on a car (ours), and hurting his parents’ faces when he accidentally swings his arm a little further than we expect.

He’s scheduled to get it off October 7. We’re thankful it only has to be on for three weeks altogether.

His cast doesn't stop him from playing Monopoly.

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