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Prayer partner update: praises, leaving, health

January 2, 2012

Hi prayer partners,
As we prepare to leave next week, we’re glad to look back on a fall of seeing God change us. We’ve been able to see how God has controlled the timing in our lives for His glory and our good. We are very thankful for your prayers for us and for our future work in Solomon Islands.

We’ve been able to spend the last two weeks with our families in Michigan and Iowa. It’s been such fun seeing our relatives play with D and enjoy his growing personality. We praise God for our supportive, godly families.

We didn’t expect this week to be without challenges, as transitions always seem to bring some. Right now it’s illness. D was sick briefly yesterday, and I was sick yesterday but am mostly better tonight. However, now John is the one on the couch eating saltines. We haven’t really gotten discouraged about it, but it will make packing more difficult if we’re not both better soon. Please pray that God will keep giving us peace and that we wouldn’t be anxious, and also that He’d give us health. One quirky praise in this: I meant to start D and I on a new malaria medicine Saturday at supper, but I realized right before bed Saturday night that I had forgotten. Well, Sunday morning D and I both were sick. If he and I had both taken the medicine the night before, I surely would have blamed the medicine for our sickness and had to find a different medicine. God lets me see that He can deal with my forgetfulness and make me smile.

We appreciate you!
Lori for all

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