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no cell phone or keys

January 7, 2012

Today felt like a pretty normal day. My sister and sister-in-law were here a lot the last few days helping us pack, but it still felt like another weekend day at my parents’ house. It doesn’t feel like we’re leaving the country tomorrow for three months. I find that transitions are less suddenly dramatic for me than I think they’ll be. Maybe God knows I can only handle so much emotion at once. A few weeks from now I might realize, “oh my goodness, I’m on an island on the other side of the world.” But for now I’m just thinking about the long flights the next few days and wondering how much our luggage will weigh.

We’re bringing four large totes as our checked luggage. We’ll be paying overweight luggage fees, but we figure four totes for three people for three months isn’t too ridiculous. John and I each have a backpack as a carry-on. That’s it. We’re leaving our car keys with my parents when they drop us off at O’Hare tomorrow, and we’ll pause our cell phone service for the next three months. It’ll feel strange to go through airport security without keys or a cell phone.

The next two days I’ll especially need to focus on the neat things of every day and not be impatient for our “arrival.” Arrivals just bring another set of things to wait for anyway. I’ll try to enjoy what Little D discovers in the airports, not be in a hurry in airport lines, appreciate the time to sit and think, and laugh inside at the bizarreness of this whole idea.

It sounds like we’ll have internet access most of the time the next few months, though it will be slower and not free (we’ll pay per MB of data). We highly value keeping in touch with all of you. Please keep sending us personal emails! If you’re also in ministry and already email us your newsletters, please continue to do so. However, please don’t send us impersonal forwards, like jokes and political emails.

We hope to make another blog post when we get to Solomons.

I feel like I should have some neat sign-off here.


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  1. sravani permalink
    January 8, 2012 9:02 am

    praying for you guys. you’ll have to tell me about Fiji as it holds a special place in my heart:-)

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