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tropical fruit and scenery

January 16, 2012

On our first night here last Tuesday, the SITAG group welcomed us and our returning colleagues with a potluck. I admit that my memory of that evening is a little foggy due to tiredness and corraling a toddler who wanted to be running around outside. The pictures remind me that there were about 20 other people there and good food, including the fruit plates shown here. Watermelon and pineapple both grow here but are seasonal.

Since then, we’ve been unpacking, learning our way around the SITAG center, doing errands in town, and letting our bodies adjust to the climate. It’s probably been in the 80s during the day. We don’t have a thermometer to tell us how hot it is. We’re in the southern hemisphere, so it’s the hotter part of the year. It cools down to maybe 70 at night. Our house doesn’t have air conditioning, but it has ceiling fans that help during the day and make the house cool down very nicely at night.

Our apartment is in the capital city, 10 or 15 minutes from downtown and the ocean. This picture is from our front porch and shows another SITAG apartment. Our apartment is second floor and is across a small valley from all of the other SITAG houses and buildings. We go down 35 steps and up again to get to the house in this picture.

from our front balcony

The large palm trees are coconut trees. Someone told me that it’s a bad idea to hang out under coconut trees, as falling coconuts can actually kill people. There are also mango and papaya trees here. Several times a day we hear some kind of tropical fruit crash through leaves and then make a thud as it hits the ground. At supper tonight we ate a mango that fell from a tree right behind our house.

from our front balcony, looking right

I’m not going to lie–the scenery is amazing.

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