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Prayer partner update: translation principles training, our adjustment, village trip

February 19, 2012

Here’s a brief prayer update to give you things to lift up to our great Lord on our behalf.


  • About 15 Solomon Islanders are here at the translation center for a two week long workshop. They’re learning about translation so they can start work in their own languages. Praise God that they’re enthusiastic. John has been able to help out a little too.
  • For how well our adjustment to life here has gone.
  • For a good report when Lori had a prenatal appointment three days ago. Her stomach has also been feeling a little better.
  • John has gone running several times with a Solomon Islander. Saturday morning they went swimming as practice for a triathlon next weekend. This is an answered prayer in regards to making Solomon Islander friends to practice Pijin and learn more about the culture.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the second week of the translation principles training – that these Solomon Islanders would learn the material quickly and that God would give them perseverance for the lengthy work of translation ahead.
  • Pray for our planned trip out to a village to live with another SITAG translator’s family. We’ll leave next Sunday, February 26, and be there until March 7. Pray for safety for the boat travel out there, for us to learn much, that we would adjust to the different culture there, and that we would be gracious guests to the missionary family with whom we’ll be living.
  • That we would continue to learn much about Pijin, culture, and living here during our remaining 1.5 months.
  • For the baby’s continued growth and development.

Thank you for your continued prayers!
John, Lori, and D

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