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natural disasters we didn’t notice

February 26, 2012

A couple weeks ago we had nearly constant rain for almost 2 weeks, partly due to the effects of Tropical Cyclone Jasmine. That’s right, Iowa State fans, we’re back in the land of the Cyclones!

Then apparently there was a magnitude 6.5 earthquake last week on Valentine’s Day. It was a little over 100 miles (175 km) away from Honiara. We didn’t even feel it. However, several other SITAG families did and were suprised we hadn’t. Perhaps it was because we were too busy celebrating Valentine’s Day?  Actually, to celebrate Valentine’s Day (which really isn’t a holiday here) we crashed our colleagues’ supper because our house had been sprayed for termites and we had to stay out. We were thankful for their hospitality on a number of evenings last week while we waited for the termite spray to dissipate.

Here‘s an article about the earthquake, and here‘s a listing of recent earthquakes in the Solomons.

Seismic activity is fairly common here due to the proximity to the “Ring of Fire” in the Pacific. In 2007 there was a large underseas earthquake that caused a tsunami in the western Solomons. It sounds like there was significant damage in the areas the tsunami struck.

The Solomon Islander that I’ve gone running with several times told me that there had been a volcano in the Solomons on the news. Again, we were oblivious to its occurrence. I’m not sure to which volcano he was referring, but I did find a cool satelite image of a volcano that erupted last week in the Eastern Province (over 300 miles away). This article says that this volcano erupts regularly.


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  1. Mom H permalink
    March 1, 2012 1:36 pm

    I read this post Sunday evening our time and followed the link to the earthquake list–and another one had occurred less than an hour before I checked! (It was smaller and south of Bougainville, so it is even less likely that you would have felt that one)


  1. earthquake last week | havengadventure

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