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prayer partner update: village trip summary

March 9, 2012

We just sent the following as an email to people who are on our “Prayer Partner Update” list. You can sign up to receive this type of update by email.  Some of this info is also in our previous blog post about our travel to the village, but this post summarizes the whole trip. 


Our ship arrived back in the capital Wednesday night from ten wonderful days visiting a village. Here’s how God answered things we asked for prayers for in our last update:

Interacting with our host family:
Over the past few years, many of you have graciously invited us over for meals or have let us stay at your house. Sharing space with other families takes energy, and the missionary family we stayed with this trip showed us much hospitality and grace as we surely disrupted their routine. They were patient when we forgot to pick up our things, when one of us was in the bathroom when someone else wanted to use it, and other things that happen when people live with each other. We had a great time staying with them and hope they’d tell you the same thing.

Communicating with Solomon Islanders:
We got to practice our Pijin a lot. We had short conversations with people when we walked around the village. We participated in several community events, like work days at the school and church (John). On our last evening there, the village had a farewell supper for us. A few other people gave speeches in Pijin thanking us for coming and our involvement in the community, and then the village chairman asked John to give a speech in Pijin. Thankfully people seemed to understand and appreciate what John said.

The ship ride:
The ride to the village was on a very calm ocean. The ride back met some rain, but John and D still felt fine, and I didn’t get too sick.

D’s sleep:
D’s sleep improved and adapted to this family’s schedule far better than we had hoped. He went to sleep earlier than usual and slept all night long on some nights.

One new thing we’d ask you to pray for:
My (Lori’s) grandma’s health is rapidly getting worse. She’s 90 and has just moved to a hospice level of care. Please pray that she and my extended family will keep dealing well with her changing health and that she’ll keep being at peace as she looks forward to heaven. It’s tough being so far away right now. I’m thankful that I have such a sweet grandma who is a great friend.



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