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Our first full day in the village

March 10, 2012

From Monday, February 27

We wrote this while we were away in the village and are posting it now that we’ve returned to the capital.

The Choate’s house is next door to the church (as in, less than 100 feet away). The church has morning and evening prayer services every day. The church bell rings several times between 6 and 6:30AM to tell people it’s time to come to church. Here’s another answered prayer: D seems to sleep through this bell, even though it is loud and right next door to the house!

In the morning after going for a run, breakfast, and the morning prayer service, I helped Aaron with a language data collection workshop. He collected language data in the Lavukaleve language. The people who weren’t helping him were supposed to help me learn Pijin. It was a little bit challenging for me, but I did hear some stories from the people there and get to practice my Pijin.

entertaining the language helpers

I didn’t always look so confused, but I was trying to tell Aaron something about our camera. The lady in the photo is laughing at my attempt to give Aaron the instructions in Pijin. I caused some laughter throughout the morning, but I also managed to communicate, too.

Later in the day Joanna gave Lori and me tour of half the village, and Lori spent some time chatting with ladies they met.

I went with some of the Choate family to the evening church service. After we walked back home, the family opened the care packages we brought from the capital. What an incredible blessing to see the love and encouragement sent in boxes and envelopes by people from the States to this family.  Our colleagues were very encouraged by everyone who sent notes and items that aren’t available here in the Solomons.



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  1. March 10, 2012 1:59 pm

    heeheehee, great post! 😉 fun, fun

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