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Little D turned 2!

May 25, 2012

We’re big on birthdays around here. My grandma taught us how to enjoy birthdays. Her role modeling included:

  • be excited about your birthday for the month leading up to it
  • proudly tell everyone how old you’ll be, even if you’ll be 90
  • make yourself a birthday cake and invite people over to eat it
  • when you do something fun the week of your birthday, add a tagline like, “because it’s my birthday.”

Little D’s birthday celebration, Part 1

A week before his birthday and two days after M’s birth, all four grandparents and Little D visited us at the hospital. It was the last day John’s parents were in town this visit, so it warranted cupcakes, singing, and lots of pictures.


John’s parents with both boys


my parents with M


Little D ate all the frosting first

Little D’s birthday celebration, Part 2

We opened birthday cards throughout the day on his birthday. Sully Community Church sent him stickers! He immediately put all of them on his shirt and left them on until bedtime.

Thanks for the stickers!

We had supper at the local gas station. Their burgers and fries are popular around here. D calls it “The Station” and recently got upset when we turned off the highway before we got to The Station. My dad came with us. John’s parents weren’t visiting anymore, and my mom had to work.

his supper: ketchup, fries, and a bit of cheeseburger

Then we went to a nearby park, where he gleefully played on the swings and slides until dark.

on the slide with Grandpa

M slept in his car seat beside me on a park bench. I drank coffee and watched my family play.

We watched some airplanes.


Love the grin.


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