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We’ve been here for two weeks now

October 3, 2012

Sorry we haven’t posted anything since we arrived here two weeks ago. Last week our whole organization here had a training conference. This week we started our three-month orientation course. Here’s an update we sent out to our email list last week but hadn’t posted till now. Thanks to all of you who have been wondering how we’ve been doing!

We made it to the Solomon Islands and are getting settled in. The flights went as well as can be expected with two little kids, and security and airports went better than expected.


Little D ready to tackle the international terminal in the Los Angeles airport.



We met our new colleagues in Los Angeles. Their daughter was born the day before Baby M, and we’ve already been asked many times if they’re twins. The two of them played on the airport floor while we waited for our flights across the Pacific.


We were thankful that the boys got some sleep on the flights.


flying into Honiara, the capital of the Solomons

All of our luggage even arrived with us, which we never expect to happen. I shouldn’t be surprised that it went well but am very thankful that God kept us safe and even gave us a pretty pleasant 35-hour trip. We could tell people were praying for us–thank you!

For the next few months, we’re living in the same house as we did this spring in Honiara. That’s nice because Little D remembers a lot about it and has put his toys and books on the same shelf. We’ve unpacked all of our luggage and are now working on the boxes that we left in storage here when we were here last spring. It always surprises me how quickly a new place and point in life can seem normal. I think I was in shock the first few days, and we will always have things to adjust to, but most days almost felt like “just another day.”

The national church association hasn’t yet assigned us a specific island or language group to work in. We’re not impatient but would appreciate prayer for their decision. We’ve heard two quite different location possibilities, and if we had an opinion of which would be better we could perhaps influence the decision. We haven’t been to either place and don’t know more than the basics, so please pray that the church association would choose the location that would most glorify God, would help our family grow toward God the most, and would most advance translation work.

Thank you for your part in our arrival here!


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