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moving and pizza

October 27, 2012

We moved to another apartment this week. I’ll call it “the dorm.” Were we bored after living in the same building for an entire month? Nope. Blame termites.

One morning a week, a Solomon Islander woman comes to each SITAG house to do some deep cleaning. Monday morning, she was mopping a room in our house and called me over. She pointed at the ceiling and said something in Pijin like, “Look, there are termites back there.”
My reply: “Um. No, I don’t see anything.”
She proceeded to climb up on the bed, poke the ceiling, and show me that it was soft and squishy. That meant, she said, that termites were up there eating away the ceiling. Other people have confirmed this.

Rewind to February. We were living in the same house. John and a co-worker found evidence of termites in the communal SITAG storage area below our house. We had to move out so that workers could spray the area to kill the termites. We’d initially stayed in “the dorm” during the day so Little D could take his nap without termite spray or hammering nearby, and then we moved back to our house to sleep at night. That turned out to be a hassle, so after a few days of that, we moved into the dorm for a week or two straight. After they were all done spraying and repairing, we moved back into the first house.

Because of that moving back and forth, this Monday we decided to try to move out the first time and not go back and forth like last time. The same dorm was open, so we moved there. Monday afternoon I packed some things, Monday evening John and some co-workers moved things over to our second apartment, and Tuesday a worker sprayed for termites. They’ve now torn out a few walls to make sure they find all of the termite nests before rebuilding anything. Some of our things are still in the house, but we can go back and get things when we want to.

This is all to preface my experience of making supper last night. I’ve recently designated Friday night as “pizza night.” Many co-workers have said that, because of the lack of seasons here, every day starts to feel the same so it helps to have something to make days feel different. Pizza is one of my favorite foods, and my family often had pizza on Friday nights when I was a kid, so I went with “Pizza Friday” as our first weekly special thing. Several minor things made this pizza-making a bit frustrating but also made it taste extra delicious once it was done.

  1. Last Friday, I made, pre-baked, and froze an extra pizza crust. Yesterday afternoon, I realized the pizza crust was still in our freezer in the first house.
    Solution: I sent John to get it.
  2. I remembered that I’d tried to use the dorm oven for the first time a few nights ago and it didn’t work.
    Solution: cook the pizza on the stove, as a co-worker did just the night before. (Being able to make everything on the stove is good preparation for living outside of the capital. When we live in a village next month, we’ll have just a stove, not an oven or microwave.)
  3. The skillet I chose to cook the pizza in didn’t have a lid. In fact, none of the skillets in the dorm have lids. Strange.
    Solution: use the pizza pan that I’d frozen the crust on as a lid. It had holes in it, but hey.
  4. I was tired and was missing American restaurants.
    Solution: acknowledge it, cry a bit, and keep making my pizza.

our lovely pan pizza

Usually pizzas cook on the pizza pan, not under it. (The pistol-looking thing makes a spark to light the stove burners.)

But don’t be discouraged. We ended up with a pizza that would make locavores proud. We had a homemade pizza crust with pureed cooked squash as “sauce.” (I didn’t have canned tomatoes and thought my fresh tomatoes would be better used as topping rather than sauce.) It was topped with tomatoes picked from a co-worker’s yard, eggplant from the market in town, garlic I’d previously roasted, and basil from the edge of the road 15 feet away. And with cheese imported from New Zealand.

Little D was saying: “Not take a picture. Want to eat pizza!”

There was one slice left.

Sorry, Baby M, no pizza for you.



3 Comments leave one →
  1. mom permalink
    October 27, 2012 9:46 pm

    I love your approach! And perseverance. But I guess I just love you.

  2. Laura permalink
    October 28, 2012 9:30 am

    wonderful solutions!
    good idea for the sauce, I´ll have to try that! I also alway fo for the small biscuit sized pizzas when cooked on the stove. delicious. I
    i don´t think skillets are made with tops here either. skillets are almost exclusivley for frying. though i suppose you could use the top from the pot used for cooking rice. if it´s too small, always for for the fresh banana (or banana type… there´s one that makes the food even more sabroso, but i don´t knjow the name) with something to hold it down (too small pot lid, rocks, etc, though this also works better with liquid-y things rather than a pizza, b/c it might squash it a little) I much prefer the banana leaf to the plastic bag cover, which seems to work, but i just can´t get it in me to recomend that… it doesn´t seem to burn into the food, but still…

  3. Tammy Hodel permalink
    October 28, 2012 3:00 pm

    You have such an amazing attitude Lori! I love you. You know how to make any place a home. Thanks for being an example to me.

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