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A Happy Halloween cat

November 12, 2012

Last night, Little D said seemingly out of the blue, “It’s Halloween! Hi, Halloween!” This made me decide to finally post pictures of his costume from the actual Halloween weekend.

Halloween isn’t celebrated in the Solomons, so Little D hadn’t developed any associations with it involving ghosts or creepy decorations. (Maybe he remembers trick-or-treating dressed up as a farmer last year.) Last Friday afternoon, a co-worker said that his proposed pumpkin-carving party was in fact happening that evening. That made me think, “Hey, maybe I should give Little D a costume.” I asked him if he wanted to be a pumpkin, a dog, or a cat.

He yelled, “A KITTY-CAT!”

I was low on time and supplies, but I had paint sponges, markers, and masking tape. I borrowed a few hairbands from our co-worker who lives upstairs, and I created an outfit suitable for a two-year-old who doesn’t know about fancy costumes. He enjoyed wearing it all evening. At least that’s what John says. I stayed home with Baby M because I desperately wanted some alone time (read: toddler-free time).

see the nose and whiskers?

The pumpkins here look different than North American pumpkins but can still be carved. The co-worker who hosted the party also made fudge. John brought some home for me–what a great husband!

John is a “cereal killer” – the Australian cereal box has a table knife stuck in it

John says:

I’ve never been big on Halloween costumes or creativity, so D’s costume was definitely better than mine (see the photo above).  The co-worker who hosted the party really likes tools, so carving was easier because of the various hand tools he had on hand.  Utility knives, punches, and even a dremel tool produced some excellent looking pumpkins.  It was quite the fun evening!

John and Little D made the smiley pumpkin

Happy November Halloween!

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  1. mom permalink
    November 12, 2012 4:18 pm

    Grandpa Glen and Grandma C say:

  2. Denise permalink
    November 12, 2012 8:51 pm

    Those are some pretty amazing pumpkins!
    And I would say your creative costuming of Daniel doesn’t sound so easy–I’m impressed with “I had paint sponges….”

  3. Tammy Hodel permalink
    November 12, 2012 9:01 pm

    LOVED this! (I think I say that on all your posts) I love your creativity and using what you have on hand to make anything a celebration. You’re my inspiration.

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