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a big ship trip

September 7, 2013
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It’s been awhile. Sorry. And the longer I slack off on blogging, the harder it gets to decide what to post. There’s so much to choose from!

Here’s a new family picture.


Over half of our family is smiling, which is all we ever hope for. We might be in front of a sea wall on a seaside resort, or maybe on a leisurely afternoon fishing trip.


on the ship to Kolombangara

Let’s zoom out a bit.

We were traveling by ship from our home in Honiara to the island of Kolombangara. We left Honiara on a Sunday morning. We had been on this ship for about 28 hours when the family photo was taken.


Bystanders in Honiara wave goodbye to our ship.

What does one do for 28 hours on a ship? Little D walked around the ship, peeked into the engine room, ate crackers, looked at the scenery, and generally stayed entertained.


Little D eating crackers. The breeze made me wear long sleeves for the first time in months.

Baby M walked up the steps, down the steps, up the steps, down, up… and had a harder time staying happy. At least we can walk around more freely on ships than on airplanes.


One of our co-workers was traveling with us and helped entertain the boys.


The ship looks majestic from far away. It is pretty nice, as far as ships here go.


We’re on an outside walkway on the ship. The window here looks into our cabin.

We had bought tickets for one of the few cabins on the ship, so the four of us did have a single bed (one, not four) to sleep in overnight. I was glad to get off the ship Monday afternoon when we reached one of the major port towns in Western Province, called Gizo.


We’re in Gizo here, and the mountain in the background is Kolombangara.

We then put our luggage on a motor boat and piled in with several other people to ride to a church headquarters on Kolombangara. In our first week, John would help teach what we call a “translation awareness course.” We hoped people from all around the island, from both of the major denominations there, would attend. John had visited Kolombangara in May to plan this course. John and our co-worker, along with a few people from a partner organization, would talk about the importance of Bible translation and how they can be involved.

We knew from John’s visit in May that the church headquarters wouldn’t be a good place to learn the local language, as people come there from lots of different islands. So, after the course, we’d go to another village for a week or two to start learning the language before returning to Honiara for some meetings and conferences.


the island of Kolombangara

That Monday evening, 1 1/2 days after leaving Honiara, our whole family was on Kolombangara for the first time. We’ve worked a long time toward this! So have many of you. And the fun is just beginning…

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  1. Coleen Roudebush permalink
    September 8, 2013 3:34 pm

    I love hearing about your “adventures.” Thank you for sharing the news and pictures!! I really can’t imagine being on a ship with 2 small children…and having any pictures so full of smiles. God is taking good care of you for sure!


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