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photos of our stay out west

February 8, 2014

We had visitors! One of our pastors and his wife from our church in Illinois stayed with us for three weeks. Pretty daring of them. They flew out west and met us there, which totaled three days of travel to get from the U.S. to our village. We stayed out west in the village for two weeks, and then we came back to the capital for their third week.

It was great to have them here, get to know them better, show them our life here, and know that they’ll try to explain the people and places they got to know to our friends back in the U.S. Our pastor took a lot of pictures that might help you understand our life here a bit more.

our pastor taking photos

our pastor taking photos

Here’s his album of 84 top photos:

Here’s his 400-photo album:

If it doesn’t, please leave a comment. I’ll fix the link in three weeks when we’re back from our next trip out west with our new visitors! A week after our pastor and his wife left, my parents arrived! We’ve finished packing, so I’m off to get a bit of sleep before we take the ship tomorrow morning (and tomorrow night, and the next morning)…

Happy February!



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  1. speck27 permalink
    February 9, 2014 5:40 pm

    I missed an email or two. Where are you moving to? I would really like to know how your life there is- and do you have to pinch yourself sometimes to know the adventure is real. Can you tell me what an average day is like. What is the culture like. Are you more or less free from the corruption in US and other countries around the world?

    I would really like to hear about all of your work and family life, if you would be so willing to communicate through our own unique paths.

    My new volunteer mission is partly to do case visits to the poor through the St. Vincent De Paul Society. I joined just 2 and 1/2 weeks ago in one of my faith formation classes. How fortunate is that? In a recent SVDP conference, we watched a video, “Bridges out of Poverty.” It showed how the poor are devalued because their way of relating is different than theirs.. It was such an eye opener for the members in attendance. Women are part of St. Vincent DE Paul Society( I don’t know when this happened, but women definitely have their own gifts to offer to the poor. I openly embrace this move)

    The conference overall theme is that our Society will actually put the above program into place. The National Conference is setting up concrete steps to 1) know how to really listen to the poor, involve them in the planning of the program and work together to help mentor to their needs- I listed on the closeout sheet that I would like to go through the training to be a mentor.

    I am severing my ties from activities in the community that don’t have 1:1 contacts with people in need. Do you remember the West Bluff Council- I was able to drop that because St Vincent De Paul Society monthly conferences are held on the last Thursday of the month. I was able to obtain a second representative for UENA for now- She comes anyway to the meetings. I don’t like bureauacracy without the human involvement, on a one to one basis..

    It is very hard to get UENA maembers to commit to specific roles, so I work with the mostly women that are committed to the neighborhood association. Going on my 8th consecutive term. Yet, it has to be that way. God has moved me to this place, so I embrace it.

    With our faiths, I feel that we have to find a ongoing way to commit to the poor. God will direct us to whatever that is, if we fully dedicate our lives entirely to Him. Jesus and Mary and Joseph, are my role models to embracing true life in Him.

    I deeply admire what you value in your lives. i cannot do what you are doing, but I can go where God has directed me, with my own unique purpose. Are you keeping a journal. I love to read journals of people who attempt to make a difference.

    Much Christian love,

    Greg 1217 N Bourland Ave. Peoria, Il. 61606

    if you want to communicate with me in that manner, I would welcome it, but emails are great, too.


  2. February 9, 2014 11:33 pm

    Praying for you guys while you are out West and looking forward to seeing you again when you return to Honiara!

  3. Coleen Roudebush permalink
    February 12, 2014 10:22 am

    Thank you sharing! Enjoy your visitors!!

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