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appointment update

July 29, 2014

Thanks for your concerns about Little M’s appointment yesterday! The specialist (an endocrinologist) talked through his history and our concerns and ordered a few blood tests: retests of the ones in New Zealand that had unusual results, and a few new ones.

It’ll be a week or so till the results are back. If everything on them is normal, the specialist might refer us to a few other specialists (a GI doctor and/or a geneticist).  If the results are abnormal, we’ll do more testing for hormone-related issues.


The hospital is definitely child-friendly!

This hospital is definitely child-friendly!

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  1. Dorothy (Dot) James permalink
    July 30, 2014 8:15 am

    Praying with you about all this, too, dear ones, for the Lord’s own wisdom for the whole medical team, and for peace of heart, mind and spirit for all of you as you await results of the present tests, and learn more about how best to care for this precious little gift the Lord has given you. I love the photo — so very helpful to have child-friendly medical situations!!!
    With love to you all, dj


  1. He’s growing up so fast… | havengadventure

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