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a day in the village

December 16, 2015

We’ve sometimes had people ask what our life is like in the village, so here is a little picture of my day yesterday (Tuesday). Each day holds something different, so I feel like I need to add some fine print like “past performance does not guarantee future returns” or in this case “past activities do not guarantee tomorrow’s excitement.”

  • Got up with Gideon several times during the night due to his cough
  • Woke up and watched the eastern sky begin to get light as I did some reading
  • Arranged motor canoe transport for some people from different villages to come to the workshop
  • Got materials ready for the dictionary workshop
  • Held a dictionary workshop for the morning until mid-afternoon. Along with collecting words on various topics, it also included valuable discussions like:
  • what their alphabet should look like and how to avoid confusion from neighboring languages’ alphabets
  • the difference between spoken and written speech and how that can affect Bible translation. An example from English is “I am going to get them” is how your English teacher told you to write it, but most people say something like “I’m gonna get ’em.”
  • vowel properties and length
  • stress (emphasis) and syllables
  • how to handle contractions
  • verbal affixes and how that affects what dictionary entries should look like for locating different words (example – do you find unzip and zip under ‘u’ or ‘z’ in the English dictionary?)
  • how quickly their language is changing, partly because of intermarriage between people from different islands

Talked with people about the workshop once it was complete, then arranged canoe transportation for some attendees to get back home

Carried water from our rain tank to our outdoor kitchen water jug

Joined our neighbors in clearing brush/jungle growth with a machete. Daniel helped with his machete.

Grated a coconut to make coconut milk, which went in the birthday cake Lori was making

Worked out details with a few neighbors to make snacks for tomorrow’s workshop

Ate supper with the family, celebrating G’s first birthday with the delicious chocolate cake that Lori made

Got the boys cleaned up, showered, and to bed

Put medicine on the boys’ various cuts and sores to try to prevent them from becoming infected

Prepared for the next day of the dictionary workshop

Went to bed, tired but thankful for an enjoyable day

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  1. Mom H permalink
    December 17, 2015 5:56 pm

    Thanks for the picture of your day, I enjoyed hearing about your daily activities. Glad to hear about the dictionary workshop, too.

  2. Amy Devanney permalink
    May 31, 2016 1:35 pm

    I am having fun reading all these posts! They will be such a nice diary of your years on the islands- fun to reread and recall all the daily details of your lives.

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