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buying bread

March 11, 2016

We had “tiny pizzas” for lunch today. D and M put pizza sauce and cheese on bread while I took care of G. Lots of food here has to be made from scratch, but I rarely make my own bread in Honiara. There are a few bakeries in town. I’m always glad to buy a loaf of bread for the equivalent of $2 US and save myself some kitchen work.

Here’s one of the main bakeries.

Our visitors from Illinois enjoyed seeing town and took pictures of everyday things that I don’t notice anymore. These photos are courtesy of Carol Boerckel.

We waited in line for a few minutes outside before reaching the counter inside the bakery.

Customers look at the racks to see what’s available. The curtains are supposed to deter flies.

Several bakers in the back of the shop are continually making more bread. If I want something that is gone, it might be worth stopping by again at the end of my errands to see if more has been freshly made. I sometimes buy plain dough to use for pizza crusts or other types of rolls.

The yellow rolls are raisin buns.

I order by saying something about like, “One-fala loaf whole meal, sliced. Three-fala cream bun.” The ladies behind the counter will give me a bag with a loaf of whole wheat bread that they’ve sliced with their machine. My second bag will hold three cream buns, which are slightly sweet rolls with frosting inside. I try to bring one home for John and the boys when I go to town alone.

Then I pay at the register and continue on to a grocery store and the produce market.


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