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Pacific drought and increased disease

May 31, 2016

Recently there has been a drought throughout much of the South Pacific. Many of our coworkers have asked for prayers for rain – their rain tanks are almost empty, and water supplies (usually piped to the village from a river or stream) are going dry. Please pray that God would send needed rain to refill rain tanks, replenish fresh water aquifers, and help gardens grow.

We have been thankful that here on Kolombangara, our rain tank is full. We have been receiving regular rain here. The name of the island, Kolombangara, actually means “water king” (“kolo” is water, “mbangara” is king or god) and is said to originate from all the rivers around the island, running down from the central mountain peak.

One of our coworkers recently sent us the following article, talking about the cause for the drought in this area of the Pacific: When the Rains Disappear: Drought Grips Pacific Islands

The article states that the drought has caused an increase in disease. There is currently an outbreak of conjunctivitis (often called pink eye in the U.S. and called red eye here) in the Solomons and elsewhere. Unfortunately even though we have lots of rain on Kolombangara, our island is still affected.

Here’s an article about the outbreak on a different island in the Solomons: Red-Eye on the rise in Auki

On Sunday last week someone offhandedly commented to me, “Be careful, red eye is going around.” I didn’t think much of it. On Monday, M started medicine. By Tuesday, Lori and G had started medicine. By Wednesday, I was on medicine too. And we were telling D to wash his hands all the time.

Thankfully, D did not get it (how did he manage to avoid that?) and the rest of the family has almost fully recovered. My eyes are still quite red and uncomfortable, but they’re much less painful than last week. I wanted to post a picture of how red they were last week, but Lori said gross pictures like that aren’t blog-appropriate.

Please pray for our neighbors here in our village, as many have red eye this week. Pray also for many throughout the country who are affected as well.


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  1. Willis & June Van Haaften permalink
    June 6, 2016 6:15 am

    We truly appreciate the reports about your family and ministry telling us how to pray for you. Thank you.

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