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John, D, M, Baby G, and I (Lori) are having an adventure following God through what he has planned for us. We are members of Wycliffe Bible Translators and work in Solomon Islands.

We had completely different jobs before we became convinced that we needed to work in Bible translation. We quit our jobs, sold our house, moved to Texas, went to linguistic grad school, and spoke to churches about Bible translation. We had our first son somewhere in the middle of that, and later on two more sons joined the adventure.

We’ve been in Solomon Islands since 2012. We’ve been assigned to work on the island of Kolombangara. Our work involves learning that language and helping people there translate the Bible into their own language.

We constantly want to strengthen our relationships with God and with each other. We like to run, talk with people, play music, read, and play with our sons.

You can contact us at: john _underscore_ havenga (at) wycliffe (dot) org

Disclaimer:  Although we are members of Wycliffe, this blog solely represents our personal views and opinions.  It does not reflect any official policies of Wycliffe or its partner organizations.

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